current goal

I've recently bought an e-book that i have been reading for the past 4 hours, non-stop. Yes, it is another inspirational book, but no, its not your typical one. It was written by a guy that currently has a life that i have dreamed of for way too long. A life that i might have by the time I'm 35, but would mean nothing if i get it at the time. A life where i decide what i want to do. Nonetheless, the success story behind this guy was based on the invention of the internet to put it simply. That reminded me of my blog which i have abandoned for almost 3 years now. I have had many views, but more importantly, many enjoyable moments writing the posts. It also sparked that idea I've been thinking of lately, how important the internet and social media has become. Which is why I'm deciding to take this book seriously, and try and start the path to my success the way i want to.
and btw, here's to the website coming back. 


invisible man

can you tell theres a man standing in this picture .. ? check out the video on him ! link



i never thought i would ever want to work. When i was in elementary, i told myself that by the time i get to university, i will love school work. Perfect example for a chronic procrastinator. I am however spending 12-24 hours in the library on sundays, and around 5 hours a day doing homework and reading. I had always felt that i lack an aim and a reason to help me latch onto that desire to study. Lately however, the more i question what i am doing in the first place, the harder i want to work. At the moment, i am enrolled into the GWSB (george washington school of business), and to my surprise, it ranks 38 in the US. The international business major is ranked 18 in the country, and happens to be the only major the Kuwaiti government offers a merit scholarship for. All i need to do is decide i want to take it (easy) and achieve a 3.0 average (for a freshman, ummmm ?). Anyways, that is my reason at the moment. 2,800 dollars a month for pocket money? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? but i wont complain, it is worth the sleep deprivation, the 15 pound weight drop, the depression, the loneliness, the anxiety, and last but not least, some selflessness. I am sure however, that when i do receive the scholarship, it will all be worth it.


Numark NS7

i have been wanting a DJ set for quite a while now. It took me a while to find the right set, and whenever i thought i found what is perfect for me, i find something that exceeds expectations. I have come across what i think is the perfect set, and my final decision. Im going to move into my own place soon, which gives me ton of space, and the chance to organize things however i want them to be. Being the technology freak that i am, i want to make my own semi-insulated chilling room, which works as a study, and a studio. The turntables are designed in cooperation with Serato, which are the number 1 computer software DJ programer. What they come up with is truly genius. see for yourself
Cost: aprox $1,300


Ellen Degeneres instead of Paula Abdul

When Ellen DeGeneres was announced as the new "American Idol" judge on Wednesday, fans were up in the air and Randy Jackson was pumped — but what did Paula Abdul think about the news?


Im in G-dub

to whoever reads my blog, if anyone :P, i have moved into my university. George Washington University has a very good reputation, which sometimes begs the question, how did i get in? non of it matters, what matters is that I'm here and I love it. The city is truly the place to be, in terms of having a lot to do. Whatever it is you are into, you will definitely find it in DC, except for a beautiful coastline :(. Non-the-less, im going to take up my blog again and start updating everyone more often. For now, i am dreading the amount of work i already have.


i failed my driving test

to make the long story short, my dad does not want to get me wasta (connection). 
i got up at 6:30 and got there at 7, the cop made me wait for 30 minutes before taking the test on paper (which btw was in arabic). i scored 90% on that test and passed it, even though one of the questions i got wrong was the following (what is the minimum speed limit for heavy trucks on the 6th ring road). IM NEVER DRIVING A HEAVY WEIGHT TRUCK !
now its around 8:10, and the cop told me to wait outside until i get my turn, scorching heat, for 30 minutes before i got pissed and left the place to realize that i didn't have to wait at all. the main issue here is that the attitude the cops use is violent, as if they are doing their job just for the sake of being payed, or else they would rather make you their slave much more. i left the place where i took the (visionary exam ? nathari) and payed a guy 10kd to take his car and drive it in for the driving test. 
i got in alone, and waited for my turn. the cop was sitting in an air conditioned room sipping on his tea, and did not bother to come sit next to me, simply pointed at a parallel parking spot. i was like hey, thats not so bad, until he got out of the room to make the gap smaller (barely fitting the car's length). i got the car in but it was slightly on the white line, so i had to correct it, but thats when he came out of his room and DEMANDED my papers, only to write that i failed. that test took 2 minutes, no more, no less. 
meanwhile, a girl that came with her father and some guy that is on top of the hierarchy, got her license without even getting into a car, all of which i witnessed.
are you trying to convince me that that girl is safer on the roads than me? 

anyways, I'm only writing about this to pour out my frustration, because i have waited to get my driving license for a while now, and being in kuwait, its the only key to a little bit of freedom. life in kuwait has not changed, in fact it only got worse. although i miss home and my friends when I'm away, i do not miss the big chunk of the arrogant population, or the whole connection (wasta) situation, or the amount of lifelessness people have in general. work, eat, sleep !   not for me, i am definitely not living here when i am done with university. i have come too far to start living a primitive life all again that would probably dumb me down. 

by now you are probably thinking im just pissed about the driving test (not that I'm not) but its not just that, its the accumulation of things. 



things did not go smooth today. i woke up early cause i had to open a bank account, tackle the scholarship situation, and get some driving lessons plan started. 

the bank (NBK):
i went to the qurtuba branch since thats where i live. i went in, and the lady at the counted was really nice to call me up without issuing a ticket (mind you there weren't that many people there anyways). i told her i wanted to open up al shabab account so i can deposit the i3ana money (government payment to university students) and to deposit my savings. i never had a kuwaiti account, i had a swiss one for the past 3 years (after all they are the best at banking). the lady told me to issue a ticket which was 2 numbers away, so i was like ok , cool, 10 minute wait tops. the time on the ticket was 9:37, and i got my turn at 10:15. i was already pissed, but took it easy, did not complain a bit (even though the two people behind their desks were probably chatting to someone since they had no customers). i sat down and told her what i wanted, after another 10 minutes of her barely finding her way around (THE COMPUTER FROM MARS) she told me that i had once opened an al azraq account, although i never picked it up from the bank or used it. it was my moms idea to open that account in the farwaniya branch because she had a friend there. now i have to go to farwaniya, close the account (my mom needs to be with me) and get back to open an al shabab account. thats around one hour completely wasted.

ministry of higher education:
i spent around 20 minutes getting my transcripts and all that together, along with my GWU acceptance package, then i headed to shuwaikh port where the ministry of higher education is. i went into the first building to find an all women faculty (the type that believe every mans intentions are bad to every women, you know what i mean). so just being there, i felt disgusted, but non-the-less, the lady sent me to building number 4 telling me i need to equivilate my IB first. i went to that building and waited around 15 minutes until i got my turn. i went up to the lady and told her i had been studying in switzerland for the past 3 years and she told me to give her A SECOND to ask someone on the phone about my situation (as if i am asking for rocket science). after a 10 minute conversation that included 1 minute of questions that had to do with my case and the other 9 about the other party on the phone's dilemma with whatever. she started by saying this in arabic " to begin with, you have to have your actual diploma to equivilate it, (which comes out in on around july 5-6th), but the thing is that i doubt they offer equivalency to people that studied abroad ". i gave her the stare of death, and explained to her what the IB diploma was. she then told me that in any case, nothing can be done now.  now its 12 oclock, and i had gotten nothing done.

driving lessons (morror): 
my test is on june 2nd, and i wanted to make sure i know how to do all the parallel parking and whatnot that i will be tested on, so my father told me you might as well schedule 8 lessons or so to practice. i went to the farwaniya driving school which is on the way to the airport, and they had just closed. the security guy told me to come back tomorrow at 7. 

i wasted around 3:30-4:00 hours chasing non existing tasks. for a guy thats an organized freak (to a certain degree :p) thats a lot of time gone to waste. i also made my friends who were waiting for me at corniche feel like i didn't care about them (they didn't complain but i promised i would spend the day with them at the gym, pool, and for lunch) 

im hoping that tomorrow will be a better day!