current goal

I've recently bought an e-book that i have been reading for the past 4 hours, non-stop. Yes, it is another inspirational book, but no, its not your typical one. It was written by a guy that currently has a life that i have dreamed of for way too long. A life that i might have by the time I'm 35, but would mean nothing if i get it at the time. A life where i decide what i want to do. Nonetheless, the success story behind this guy was based on the invention of the internet to put it simply. That reminded me of my blog which i have abandoned for almost 3 years now. I have had many views, but more importantly, many enjoyable moments writing the posts. It also sparked that idea I've been thinking of lately, how important the internet and social media has become. Which is why I'm deciding to take this book seriously, and try and start the path to my success the way i want to.
and btw, here's to the website coming back.